Welcome 🌈 we are a group of friends who discovered a couple of years ago that the reality around us may be created knowingly and that most of our fears and problems have their source inside us.

This process wasn’t as fast as Neo’s awakening in the Matrix; however, the word “awakening” is quite appropriate here. You certainly know the moment when you have to get up early in the morning, and you are lying in your warm bed… The only thing you want is to close your eyes and fall back to sleep. Wake up! Here – on the other side of the mirror is life, full of energy and light. A reality in which you control your emotions and energy flow, and your mind can finally relax.

The clock is ticking… tick, tick, tick… The pendulum, like the prose of life, is constantly trying to put you to sleep… So, don’t put it off – take the first card. Let it start or improve your way to spiritual and personal development.

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Nobody’s Cards deck

❤️Nobody’s Cards❤️ is a set of 50 exclusive cards (English version) on gold Sirio Pearl Aurum paper whose messages relate to various aspects of life. Life – here and now 🙏 and the spiritual life that we often don’t notice because our perception is still not that developed. Our cards were not created in merely six months, but they are the result of several years of work, practising development tools, and the conscious life experience of people walking on the path of mindfulness.

The deck

The Heart & Mind Deck include 30 main cards, 10 Wealth’s Energy and 10 Teachings of Bruce Lee. 


Every card has specific topic

We have designed and produced a batch of 100 sets of the first version of the cards. It consists of a box, 50 cards made of 600g thin gold ⭐Sirio Aurum⭐ paper and a hand-made wood resin card stand. Everything is packed in a 14cm/7.8cm/3.8cm box.

Sample Card of the balance in the stand
Card stand – 100% hand made
The deck

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Card explanation

Your beautiful awakening ✨

Draw one of the cards and read it carefully. At the top, there is a quotation linked to a recommendation or a description of a development tool to be used. Every card has its own unique QR code. After scanning it with your smartphone, it will take you to a dedicated website with a detailed description of the topic, additional materials and information on the aura’s colour, and the chakra it effects. Put the card on our beautiful stand and place it in a place where you can view it frequently.  It is important that the card would remind you to follow and carry out its recommendations on a regular basis. The number of circles on the lower part of the card will tell you how often you need to use a specific tool. For instance, 1 means that you should use it on a daily basis, 2 once every two days, and 14 once every two weeks, etc.

Collector’s edition card

Habit 🗝️

The goal of the cards is to follow their recommendations so often that it becomes a habit. This time is different for everyone and can’t be precisely determined.

As a rule, the first sign of forming a habit is less internal resistance when performing a given activity. It is commonly said that it takes from 21 to 66 days. Take the next card when you have made your current card a habit.

The 10 cards containing Teachings of Bruce Lee
Chameleon – art by Caesar.

The Deck can be used as the games 🎲

Play the game by drawing a card and improve the quality of your relationships with your family or friends. Most of our cards offer a different game for various areas of life – e.g., habits, love, exercise or comfort zone. See more details in the below section called – The Games

The Energy from the Source – art by Caesar

Every card has a special QR code, that directs you to a private website where you can find out more details about a given card after scanning it with your mobile phone.

Special QR Code

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You'll be noticed on the campaign launch. Don't miss the Early Birds prices